7:00 PM: The Soldiers (3-0) vs. MMG (2-1)
Yet to lose, The Soldiers will face MMG, who have won two in a row without much doubt.
Matchup to Watch: Paul Starr vs. Maxx Nakwaasah
Nakwaasah has hit national headlines with his early season dominance and Starr has almost single-handedly put his team at the top of the standings.

8:00 PM: Tropics (1-2) vs. Black Beatles (0-3)
Facing the Gophers, the Tropics were able to crack the win column and will face the league’s other winless team this week. The Beatles haven’t played a close game yet.
Matchup to Watch: Brett Williams vs. Kobie Douglas
Douglas has been the lone bright spot for the Beatles through three games and Williams has been decent for the Tropics. He can be better and so can his teammates which means, yeah, the team can be better. A lot better.

8:00 PM: Giv3 N’ Go (2-1) vs. Contract Killers (1-2)
G&G squandered a late lead to Too Much Sauce in their previous matchup. The Contract Killers’ two losses are by three points total.
Matchup to Watch: Adam Bush vs. Justen Overstreet
Two of the best bigs in the league, Bush is as skilled around the rim as anybody while few rebound better than Overstreet.

9:00 PM: Easy Money (3-0) vs. Golden Gophers (0-3)
The Gophers are looking for a win and frankly this probably won’t be the week it happens.
Matchup to Watch: Drew Hogan vs. Parris Curren
Hogan’s jumper can heat up real quick while Curren has been consistently consistent for the Gophers, reliable for some scoring, passing and a lot of leadership.

9:00 PM: Torch (1-2) vs. Too Much Sauce (2-1)
Now equipped with Jeremiah Hopkins, Too Much Sauce might be the odds-on favorite to win the league. The Torch are looking for a signature win to shape the season around.
Matchup to Watch: Imtisal Agha vs. Alec Gerber
One plays off the ball (Agha) while one brings it up the floor (Gerber), but there aren’t many better defenders better in Ultimate Hoops Plano than these two.

Photo by Rebecca I. Flores