7:00 PM: Tropics (3-3) vs. MMG (3-3)
The Tropics took on the undefeated Soldiers last week and though they had help from the dysfunction on the other end, they took care of business. MMG made a statement after losing to the team’s two best teams (record-wise; Easy Money & The Soldiers) in the prior two games. They took on Too Much Sauce and pulled off a statement victory.
Matchup to Watch: Lorenza Marshall vs. Brandon Stephens
Marshall has emerged as a go-to option for a team lacking one while Stephens has been a big addition in the middle for MMG. 
Prediction: MMG
Both teams are tied at wins and losses, but MMG is easily the safer option and probably a far better team.

8:00 PM: Contract Killers (2-4) vs. The Soldiers (5-1)
The Contract Killers used the Golden Gophers to get back on track, but a lot of work is to be done. The Soldiers were so bad last week and so chaotic you wouldn’t be blamed for forgetting they entered week six undefeated. Technical fouls, ejections and a lot of arguing, mostly with each other led to a blowout loss. 
Matchup to Watch: Justen Overstreet vs. Jon Hunt
Two big, big dudes who can rebound very well and also offer a splash of offense. However, this is primarily a battle of the boards.
Prediction: Contract Killers
I’m not even sure who’s showing up for The Soldiers this week...

8:00 PM: Black Beatles (1-5) vs. Easy Money (6-0)
I really enjoyed Kendall Britton’s mock celebration after the Black Beatles broke the win column last time out. An easy matchup with the Torch got very close but it was very late and the Beatles held on. This week they’ll get thrown into the fire against Easy Money, poised to go undefeated with the relatively mute Beatles and Soldiers standing in the way.
Matchup to Watch: Reggie Britton vs. Brandon Barkley 
Watch out, folks! Reggie’s hot! Barkley has been hot for weeks and is a very mature 24 years of age now.
Prediction: Easy Money
Myles will be happy to see his boys on court two again this week.

9:00 PM: Too Much Sauce (4-2) vs. Giv3 N’ Go (4-2)
Too Much Sauce saw their three-game winning streak end last week to MMG. They played only five guys and are 0-2 without a bench. Their statement game this year came against this very Giv3 N’ Go team back in week three. Sneaking a dub by four points, you can bet G&G is ready to...go...in this one.
Matchup to Watch: Alec Gerber vs. Martin Salinas
These two guys largely control the ball for their team. Gerber as one of the league’s best playmakers and Salinas as a combo of both playmaking and elite shooting. Gerber’s active defense bothered Salinas the last time these teams met, something not a lot of guys in this league have done.
Prediction: Too Much Sauce
I like Giv3 N’ Go a lot. These teams are pretty evenly matched. However, the deciding factor in week three was finding offense from multiple sources. TMS simply has more offensive weapons than G&G.

9:00 PM: Golden Gophers (0-6) vs. Torch (2-4)
The Gophers have been competitive lately and the Torch are coming off a loss against the previously winless Black Beatles. This is a big chance for the Gophers to grab their first win of the Winter season.
Matchup to Watch: Matthew Gayle vs. Tim Moore
Why not?
Prediction: Torch
This is the Gophers lone chance to get a win this season (they play Giv3 N’ Go next week) and they...won’t do it.