7:00: MMG 92 (2-1), Contract Killers 91 (1-2) (Overtime)
The first game of the night needed an extra three minutes to settle the outcome. It appears MMG could be dangerous, although Contract Killers haven’t hit their stride they found in the fall.
Player of the Game: Maxx Nakwaasah
Another huge week for Maxx, who went for 31 points, seven rebounds and six assists. Zach Henningsen had 27 including 6-of-13 from three. Maxx himself was 4-of-9. In defeat, Joey Gladney double-doubled with 25 points and 10 rebounds. He added five assists and a pair of blocks and steals.

8:00: The Soldiers 94 (3-0), Black Beatles 75 (0-3)
The Beatles will win eventually, but The Soldiers are in a groove right now and have started the season with three straight wins. This one wasn’t quite as intense as last week’s buzzer-beater, but I doubt they will complain about a stress free victory.
Player of the Game: Will Haynes
Haynes had 26 points, eight rebounds, two blocks and two steals while Ram Haddas was red hot out of the gates and finished with 19. Haddas hit two of his three three-pointers. The team hit 10-of-21 (48 percent). Kobie Douglas scored a game-high 30 for the Black Beatles, shooting 14-of-26.

8:00: Tropics 81 (1-2), Golden Gophers 52 (0-3)
The repurposed Bucket Squad aren’t having much luck as the Golden Gophers, serving as the catalyst for the Tropics’ first win of the winter.
Player of the Game: Lorenza Marshall
Marshall came off the Tropics’ bench to lead the team with 21 points. He also had six rebounds, six assists and two steals. Chris Moore added 20 while Deron Posey equalled the total for the Gophers.

9:00: Easy Money 80 (3-0), Torch 50 (1-2)
Player of the Game: Kevin Emasiani
Emasiani had a game-high 14 rebounds to go along with 11 points in his double-double. Kreston Martin had 24 points, eight rebounds and five assists for the Torch.

9:00: Too Much Sauce 102 (2-1), Giv3 N’ Go 98 (2-1)
Ultimate Hoops: “The Decision.” Jeremiah Hopkins has joined Too Much Sauce and shot them to a win over one of the league’s premier teams in his debut. G&G led nearly wire to wire before suffering a late defeat. 
Player of the Game: Jeremiah Hopkins
The Getting Older mainstay has migrated with big man Bryant Nash to Too Much Sauce during GOB’s tearful hiatus. Hop had 31 on 7-of-12 three pointers. Marcus Goree also returned to the lineup and contributed 26 points on 10-of-14 field goals. At full strength, TMS look like the best team in the league right now. For Giv3 N’ Go, Martin Salinas had 34, Brett Bailey 25 (and nine rebounds) and Adam Bush 24 points with 11 rebounds (five offensive).

Photo by Rebecca I. Flores