7:00 PM: MMG (1-1) vs. Contract Killers (1-1)
MMG looked good last week, but that was against the so far unchallenging Golden Gophers. The Contract Killers look to double up their win streak after a disappointing week one loss.
Matchup to Watch: Maxx Nakwaasah vs. Joey Gladney
Nakwaasah’s big week two put him in the national spotlight. Gladney has had two very good games, but a huge night could be in the making.

8:00 PM: The Soldiers (2-0) vs. Black Beatles (0-2)
The Soldiers are undefeated thanks to Paul Starr and his week two heroics while the Black Beatles have had a rude awakening to Ultimate Hoops. Still, a lot of talent on this team that could use a sixth player.
Matchup to Watch: Everyone not Paul Starr vs. Everyone
The Soldiers can’t rely on Starr for everything. Will Haynes has shown flashes, Terrence Thomas is more than capable and Ram Haddas is sneaky effective. They’re treading water at the moment but are still undefeated. The Black Beatles need depth and soon.

8:00 PM: Golden Gophers (0-2) vs. Tropics (0-2)
Two of the league’s winless teams meet, meaning one is bound to hit the win column. The Gophers are coming along and the Tropics are still trying to figure out who they are. Somebody’s going to win, though. I guarantee it.
Matchup to Watch: Deron Posey vs. Adam Miller
The offense of the respective teams run through Posey and Miller. Posey takes on more of a scoring role than the latter and will need to gain separation in that category this week. How long Miller watches his teammates struggle before taking it upon himself is something to...watch.

9:00 PM: Easy Money (2-0) vs. Torch (1-1)
Easy Money got past Too Much Sauce last week and will now face the Torch, who dropped a close matchup to surging Giv3 N’ Go last Thursday.
Matchup to Watch: “Chip” Kevin Green vs. Kreston Martin
Martin, formerly of Easy Money, is back to his roots with the Torch. He’s a volume scorer and so is Chip Green. Who does it better could help decide this matchup.

9:00 PM: Giv3 N’ Go (2-0) vs. Too Much Sauce (1-1)
In the fall, G&G started 2-0. Then they lost four straight. They’re 2-0 now. What’s next? Too Much Sauce had a dominant week one before running out of gas with just five players in week two.
Matchup to Watch: Prince Benitez vs. Matt Thompson
Shooting, shooting and more shooting. These teams have it. Benitez and Thompson can fill it up from the three point line. Whoever comes out on top could dictate the result of the night’s final matchup.