7:00: Too Much Sauce 98 (1-0), Golden Gophers 46 (0-1)
The rebranded (and improved) Bucket Squad saw a Bucket Squad kind of score in their franchise debut. Too Much Sauce is an intriguing addition to Ultimate Hoops Plano, mostly because the team has a lot of what other teams don’t: youth. There’s a lot of younger talent on this team, but two “elder” statesmen will give them experience.
Player of the Game: Marcus Goree
Goree is one of those more experienced players, and the big man made an immediate impression in his first game. He had 25 points and 16 rebounds to go along with five assists and two blocks. Alec Gerber picked up five steals with his eight assists and 16 points. Antonio Harris had 23 for the Gophers, but it took 25 shots to get there.

8:00: Giv3 N’ Go (1-0), Black Beatles (0-1)
The Black Beatles hung around with the improved Giv3 N’ Go in their UH debut, but the game got away from them in the second half. They have talent, but just five players which could be problematic.
Player of the Game: Brad McCallan
All five starters and six of seven Giv3 N’ Go players scored double figures, with McCallan leading the way with 20 points. Adam Bush added 19. For the Beatles, Kobie Douglas had a game-high 22. He is poised to be an electric addition to the league.

8:00: Easy Money 83 (1-0), Tropics 72 (0-1)
The defending Plano champs weren’t able to capture the regional crown over Dallas, leaving them feeling somewhat empty despite finally winning the Plano league. Tied at 37 after the first half, Easy Money broke away from the Tropics, who lost to the same club in the fall championship in December. 
Player of the Game: Benny “BJ”Valentine Benny Valentine
Valentine led all scorers with 26 and added five assists with a pair of steals. For the Tropics, new acquisition Lorenza Marshall came off the bench to drop 20 points.

9:00: The Soldiers 72 (1-0), Contract Killers 70 (0-1)
Last season’s biggest disappointment came out strong and bested last season’s breakout team. The Soldiers actually look like a team this season and with word out on their success, teams will definitely be playing the Killers harder. Expect both to be very competitive. 
Player of the Game: Will Haynes
One of the more enigmatic players in the league, Haynes was simply terrific on Thursday. He let the game come to him and the game rewarded him. He had 20 points and 11 rebounds. He made eight of nine free throws. In defeat, Joey Gladney still shined.Terrence Thomas made three of five three pointers. Last season’s breakout star had 20 points, 9 rebounds and two blocked shots. He made 7-of-11 shots, including 3-of-4 three pointers.

9:00: Torch 54 (1-0), MMG 46 (0-1)
There’s nothing to say about this game except for it’s nice to have the Torch back with us.
Player of the Game: Tim Moore
The Torch return with a new piece and Moore was excellent. He had 21 points, nine rebounds (three offensive), a steal and a block.