7:00 PM: Too Much Space (0-0) vs. Golden Gophers (0-0)

The night --and season-- starts with two new teams, half of the four new additions (as well as one returning team) that will certainly add excitement and versatility to UH Plano.


8:00 PM: Contract Killers (0-0) vs. The Soldiers (0-0)

Game two brings two existing teams together. Contract Killers were the surprise hit of the fall season, while The Soldiers took a step back. Where each team goes from here --up or down-- will be interesting to see.


8:00 PM: Black Beatles (0-0) vs. Giv3 N’ Go  (0-0)

Giv3 N’ Go started last season strong before flaming out quickly. The Black Beatles are new so I’d be lying if I tried at all to scout them. I can tell you that Giv3’ N’ Go added breakout star Alex Bauer from the Bucket Squad.


9:00 PM: Easy Money (0-0) vs. Tropics (0-0)

The Plano champs look to defend their crown against the Tropics, whose fall season followed a similar trajectory as another Ultimate Hoops mainstay, The Soldiers. Both teams have only up to go (I suppose they could bottom out) while Easy Money will look to continue their dominance of their Plano brethren.


9:00 PM: Torch (0-0) vs. Bucket Squad (0-0)

The Torch are back! Though the results started to treat them unkind before their hiatus, it’s a fun team and a team with potential. The Bucket Squad did not win a game in the fall. Get your bets in.