Yay, quadruple-header!


6:30: Getting Older (5-0) vs. The Soldiers (3-2)

The Soldiers looked really, really good last week and they’ll hope to ride the momentum into a high profile matchup with Getting Older. I could see this one being close...or a 30 point game. The Soldiers have proven too unpredictable and Getting Older has proven, well, predictably great. Especially this season.


Player to Watch: Will Haynes

Haynes must be a dominant force in the middle to match up with Donte Smith, Bryant Nash and the rest of GOB’s inside presence. It’s a tall task, but he’s tall enough.


7:30: Contract Killers (2-3) vs. Bucket Squad (0-5)

The Contract Killers lost last week, but played Getting Older better than anyone has so far this fall. After some serious midseason roster shuffling, the team look like they have their crew. Jeremy Jones is a big add and Joey Gladney has been performing at a high level the past few weeks.


Player to Watch: Joey Gladney

Like I said, Gladney has been great the past few weeks. Can he keep it up and establish himself as a bona fide number one option?


8:30: The Sizzle (2-3) vs. Tropics (2-3)

I really like both of these teams. A lot. But what I saw from The Sizzle last week was very disheartening. What I saw from the Tropics was somewhat encouraging. One or the other will be a playoff threat, I refuse to believe anything but that. Who will it be (if not both?) and when will they start showing it?


Player to Watch: Absalom “Abe” Barnes

Like Gladney on the Contract Killers, Barnes has been red hot lately. Coming off a 38 point effort last week, what will he do for an encore?


9:30: Giv3 N’ Go (2-3) vs. Easy Money (4-1)

An intriguing matchup to cap off the marathon evening. Easy Money has been practically untouchable since dropping week one. Adversely, Giv3 N’ Go haven’t won since week two. Something’s gotta give, unless Giv3 N’ Go were just teasing us all along.

Player to Watch: Martin Salinas

Jordan Eppink has established himself as one of the league’s premiere big men, but this team still goes as Salinas goes, especially in a matchup against a team like Easy Money.