Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


7:00: Bucket Squad (0-6) vs. Giv3 N’ Go (2-4)

Giv3 N’ Go haven’t won since week two. This week, they have their best chance to get back in the win column against the Bucket Squad, who have yet to crack it.

Player to Watch: Jordan Eppink

Of the league’s best big men, Eppink also has a sweet outside stroke. He’s a factor on both ends of the floor and his game --like his team’s game-- will depend heavily on shot selection coming out of offensive continuity.


8:00: The Sizzle (2-4) vs. Getting Older (6-0)

The losing streak isn’t L4 Like Giv3 N’ Go, but there’s been nothing pretty about the recent efforts from The Sizzle, who were once 2-2 and potentially headed in the right direction. This week, they will face the league’s premier team. Getting Older won at the overtime buzzer prior to the Thanksgiving break, their closest game of the year by far.

Player to Watch: Kenneth Cage

Cage’s assist numbers (7 per game, second in the league) haven’t suffered any setbacks, but his overall offensive game hasn’t been where he would like it to be. With Keymar Burrows not currently with the team, the point guard position is all Cage and GOB would become even more dangerous with him scoring the basketball.


9:00: Tropics (3-3) vs. The Soldiers (3-3)

Two 3-3 teams trending up, the Tropics have won two in a row and The Soldiers barely lost to 6-0 Getting Older two weeks ago. With things wide open past the top two in UH Plano, it will more than likely end up being one of these teams. With just two weeks remaining, this matchup could provide that answer.

Player to Watch: Absalom “Abe” Barnes

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but the player to watch has to be Barnes once more. He’s scoring 25.2 PPG (with 8 rebounds) and has been simply on fire the past two games, recording 38 and 43 points for 81 in the past two contests. He’s 32 of 51 (63%) from the field in these games and has been flat-out dominant.


10:00: Contract Killers (3-3) vs. Easy Money (5-1)

The Contract Killers were the team to give Getting Older their best shot prior to The Soldiers in the last week of games. That bodes well in their matchup against Plano’s next best team, Easy Money. Easy Money have been unstoppable the past month. In the past four games (all wins), they have a positive point differential of 143 points! Almost a 36 point per game margin!

Player to Watch: Kevin Emasiani

Easy Money leads the league in rebounds because of this man. He leads the league in rebounds with 12.2 a game including an also league leading 4.7 offensive rebounds a game. The team also leads the league in assists, as does B.J. Valentine with an absurd 13.2. They’re also first in steals, averaging 7.5 every time out.