8:00: 2. Easy Money 77, 3. Contract Killers 67

The Contract Killers faced a tall task in trying to defeat Easy Money...again. They did it once, but twice just got away from them. My player to watch was Joey Gladney of the underdog Killers, and he was big in this one. 29 points, 11 rebounds (4 offensive) and 2 blocks. He was 5-of-8 from three. He brought it in this one. Unfortunately, outside of 15 from Bill Ioannides, there wasn’t another big contribution and Easy Money prevailed.

Player of the Game: Kevin “Chip” Green

Benny Valentine and Chip Green had 20 points apiece and shot a sparkling 6-of-8 (3-of-3 from three) and 5-of-9 (4-of-5 from three) respectively. Green’s three point shooting was arguably the biggest factor of the whole evening. Brandon Barkley struggled with his shot but had 14 rebounds, including five on the offensive glass. Kevin Emasiani also had five offensive boards with 11 overall and the league’s best shot blocker had three of those.


8:00: 5. Tropics 73, 1. Getting Older 68

The upset of the night --and the year-- came from the undermanned Tropics. Getting Older was missing players as well, but this was a game they would win 9 times out of 10, with the one time coming at a horrible time of the year. They’ll never shoot this bad again. Ever. They missed 31 three pointers of 38 attempts (18%). Bryant Nash managed 12 rebounds, Kenneth Cage 8 assists.

Player of the Game: Adam Miller

Miller put the team on his back. Without Lorenzo Prats, Brett Williams and Brandon Long, the Tropics still pulled off the massive upset. Miller and Abe Barnes had 27 points and 8 rebounds. Defense was key, Getting Older missing shots a bigger one.


9:00: 2. Easy Money 104, 5. Tropics 66

After managing the colossal upset, the Tropics frankly ran out of gas. Whether they would have won this game at full strength is still doubtful. Easy Money has been poised for the fall title since losing the summer title by mere seconds. They captured it oh so easily and are champions of the fall league. In the loss, Nino Mansour had 16 points and 11 rebounds, including a ridiculous 8 on the offensive glass.

Player of the Game: Everyone

Before the tip, you knew this game wasn’t going to be close. Easy Money were favored anyway, but the Tropics were absolutely spent after their big win over Getting Older. With that said, Easy Money ran all over them and six players ended up in double figures. Kreston Martin had 22, Brandon Barkley had 18 (with 16 rebounds, 10 offensive and 5 assists), Kevin Emasiani had 11 more rebounds, Benny Valentine 8 assists and Chip Green made 5-of-10 three’s on his way to 19 points. Drew Hogan got in on the fun with 15.

Congratulations to Easy Money! See you Plano folks in the winter season.