Can Getting Older 3-peat?

8:00: 2. Easy Money vs. 3. Contract Killers

The only team not named Getting Older to beat Easy Money this season are the Contract Killers. The trouble is, they’ll have to do it again three weeks later to get to the championship game. They looked perfect last week against The Soldiers until nearly blowing it all. Easy Money took care of The Sizzle as expected and will try to play into back-to-back title matchups.

Player to Watch: Joey Gladney

Easy Money probably has the four, maybe even five best players in this game. The Contract Killers will have to get a performance better than at least three of those guys from their star Gladney. All the while, they will absolutely have to knock down the three ball.
Prediction: Easy Money

9:00: 1. Getting Older vs. 5. Tropics

Plano is rightfully accused of being a pretty top heavy leave. After Getting Older and Easy Money, only the Contract Killers have shown any championship potential. The Tropics have been there before but that was a different team with different personnel. They still have talent --a lot of it-- but not like Getting Older has and will have to pitch a near perfect game to try and win this one.

Player to Watch: Adam Miller

Getting Older is top to bottom with not only great players, but smart players. The Tropics have some great talent and some smart minds, but nobody on their team puts it together in Getting Older style like Miller. They’ll need a dynamic effort from him (and more) to try and pull the epic upset.
Prediction: Getting Older

9:45: Championship Game!
The winners of the 8:00 and 9:00 games will face off, with the heavy favorites being my picks. A rematch of last year’s insane overtime thriller: 1. Getting Older vs. 2 Easy Money

Prediction: Easy Money

If this is indeed the matchup, I think Easy Money captures the title this time. Barely. Getting Older is missing some key personnel, like Donta Smith who went overseas and Ben Pemberton is hurt. No word on if Pemberton will play, but Smith is out. If he does play, that changes things a little bit. Ultimately, the shooting of Brian Gahan and Jeremiah Hopkins will have to overshadow that of Chip Green’s while Kenneth Cage does his best to contain B.J. Valentine.

Or somebody could get massively upset before 9:45
and this preview is rendered irrelevant.