Playoff time!

7:00: 2. Easy Money (6-2) vs. 7. The Sizzle (2-6)

Easy Money dominated the league’s best team and heads into the playoffs with a sense of purpose and confidence. The Sizzle were once 2-2, yes they were. The wheels came off the bus for this team long ago, but I stand by liking their roster. However, they won’t be beating Easy Money.

Player to Watch: Kevin Emasiani

The Sizzle aren’t very big down low and Emasiani is the league’s best rebounder at 11.6 a game. He’s the only player in UH Plano to average double digit boards every Thursday. He could have a big game without much congestion down low.

Prediction: Easy Money...easily (monily?)


8:00: 3. Contract Killers (5-3) vs. 6. The Soldiers (4-4)

The Soldiers finished the season with a win over the winless Bucket Squad in another gutless game. Perhaps the sense of urgency of the playoffs and the experience most of their roster has will kick in. However, the Contract Killers hold the league’s longest win streak (3) and are entering postseason play red hot.

Player to Watch: Joey Gladney

Gladney has been the best player on the surprise team of the Fall. It’s nice to see a team outside the top two turn into a potential title contender. Bill Ioannides has also returned to the team and although the roster has seen some turnover, this is a group to watch.

Prediction: Contract Killers, with The Soldiers competence deciding how close it can be

9:00: 1. Getting Older (7-1) vs. 8. Bucket Squad (0-8)

After their first and only loss of the fall last week, Getting Older still have the top seed in the league and will get the bottom seeded Bucket Squad who have not won a game this season. The Squad played very well last week but still fell to a disgruntled Soldiers team. Simply put, they have a less than zero chance in this game.

Player to Watch: Alex Bauer

With that said, it’s gonna be a blowout but Alex Bauer and Deron Posey have made the Bucket Squad a much more entertaining watch with their super strong play the past month and a half.

Prediction: Getting Older, but just by double digits

9:45: 4. Giv3 N’ Go (4-4) vs. 5. Tropics (4-4)

The most intriguing game of the bunch, not because of the teams but because of the closest outcome it could provide. An instant rematch of a game played a week ago, either team here could win this one, with who shows up from which side playing a big role.

Player to Watch: Alex Baird/Chris Moore

Baird’s attendance has been spotty, but when present is an important part of the puzzle for Giv3 N’ Go and his all-around arsenal perfectly compliments Martin Salinas’ scoring punch. He could also match up well with Adam Miller of the Tropics, who could use the equal attendance of Chris Moore, who hasn’t been there every game.

Prediction: Toss up, but I’ll take Giv3 N’ Go.