7:00: Bucket Squad (0-7) vs. The Soldiers (3-4)
The last week of the Fall regular season. The winless Bucket Squad will probably run (walk?) the table (plank?) and finish without a win. The Soldiers will take advantage and finish .500, which has to be a disappointment in what has frankly been a messy season.

Player to Watch: Alex Bauer
Bauer has been the bright spot for the Squad this year, scoring 21.2 PPG with 6.2 rebounds. He’s scored 29, can he finish the season with 30? Shoot away, young man!

8:00:Contract Killers (4-3) vs. The Sizzle (2-5)
Two teams I had as breakout candidates, the Contract Killers have definitely turned a corner late in the year and The Sizzle have gone completely the other way.

Player to Watch: Joey Gladney
Gladney has elevated himself into one of the league’s top players, giving the Killers the boost to becoming a potential playoff threat. His 26.10 PPR leads the league and his 32.9 PRA does as well. Elite stuff.

Tropics (4-3) vs. Giv3 N’ Go (3-4)
The Tropics have won three in a row and Giv3 N’ Go’s only win in the last five weeks is vs. the Bucket Squad. The Tropics will look to build momentum heading into the playoffs. Or they’ll lose and all that progress will be for not.
Player to Watch: Martin Salinas

Arguably the league’s best shooter (Brian Gahan or Jeremiah Hopkins?), Salinas’ production has dipped since an explosive start and the team has followed suit. They have potential to do damage, but Salinas needs to score and distribute like he did in weeks one and two.

Getting Older (7-0) vs. Easy Money (5-2)
The last game of the regular season is a rematch of the Summer final and a week one matchup. Getting Older obviously hasn’t lost and Easy Money has two losses that sandwich five straight big wins. They fell last week and have the tough task ahead to try and finish 6-2 at the second seed instead of 5-3 and potentially tying with the Contract Killers and Tropics.

Player to Watch: B.J. Valentine

The league’s only double digit APG member (12) and one of the very best players in UH Plano, it will take his best effort to help Easy Money topple Getting Older. And then they’ll presumably have to do it again, but anything can happen come playoff time (for the most part).