Massive Jammers vs. 2. Getting Older

Dallas and Plano meet to determine an area champion for the 2016 Ultimate Hoops Summer season. The Jammers will enter play with a 9-2 record and a five game winning streak. Getting Older also enters the finale with a 9-2 record but their winning streak is a robust seven. Getting Older is the defending area champion and is looking to repeat.

Leading Scorer:
Massive Jammers - Bryan Rollings, 23.9 PPG (season high: 34)
Getting Older - Brian Gahan, 17.7 PPG (season high: 45)

Massive Jammers - Michael Carroll, 10.8 RPG (season high: 19)
Getting Older - Bryant Nash, 9.8 RPG (season high: 17)

Massive Jammers - Ryan Manack, 3.3 APG (season high: 8)
Getting Older - Kenneth Cage, 6.7 APG (season high: 10 twice)

Massive Jammers - Ryan Manack, 2.0 SPG (season high: 4 twice)
Getting Older - Ben Pemberton, 1.8 SPG (season high: 2 five times)

Massive Jammers - Michael Carroll, 1.8 BPG (season high: 4)
Getting Older - Bryant Nash, 1.5 BPG (season high: 3)

Points Scored:
Massive Jammers - 71.3 PPG
Getting Older - 93.5 PPG (+ 22.2)

Points Allowed:
Massive Jammers - 61.8 PPG (+ 10.9)
Getting Older - 72.7 PPG

Massive Jammers - 31.6 RPG
Getting Older - 37.2 RPG (+5.6)

Massive Jammers - 9.2 APG
Getting Older - 17.5 APG (+8.3)

Massive Jammers - 3.7 SPG
Getting Older - 7.3 SPG (+3.6)

Massive Jammers - 3.2 BPG (+0.5)
Getting Older - 2.7 BPG

Historically, Getting Older’s toughest path to this game has been through the Plano bracket. After taking care of the Tropics and a scare against Bucket Squad, they had about as close a game you can get vs. Easy Money. The Massive Jammers present a different dynamic in the form of a stout defense. It’s a different approach than the offense-happy Plano league and could shake things up.

The Massive Jammers won four out of the Summer gates then strangely lost consecutive games before winning the rest of the way. In the postseason, they defeated Kekambas (great name) 84-72 then proceeded to win a low scoring affair against Margarita Meltdown. In the DAC championship they won 51-34 over Los Cabras. Yes, 34 points. The defense is that good as Los Cabras shot 30 percent from the field, a number I’m seeing for the first time in Ultimate Hoops.

Defense wins championships and the Jammers play it better than anyone in the area. However, it’s not like GOB doesn’t play it and I’m picking them to win by double digits.