7:30: Getting Older (3-0) 91, Giv3 N’ Go 70 (2-1)
This game was two things: a wake-up call for previously undefeated Giv3 N’ Go but also Getting Older showing just how damn good they are. For some reason Martin Salinas began the game on the bench and Getting Older established an early lead they would never surrender. Giv3 N’ Go weren’t helped by a 41 percent shooting effort that included 13-of-35 from downtown. Getting Older shot 54 percent from the field and from three.

Player of the Game: Brian Gahan, Getting Older

A big step backward for Gahan, who fought his way to 32 points on 12-for-23 (8-for-15 from three). As usual, everyone on the team contributed big time. Whether it be assists (Kenneth Cage had 9), rebounds (Bryant Nash had 11, Eric Culberson and Donte Smith had 9) or just more scoring (Ben Pemberton had 18), this team is firing on all cylinders right now.

7:30: Tropics (1-2) 99, Contract Killers (1-2) 94 in 2 OT
The Contract Killers really let this one get away. They committed a foul at the end of regulation and also had a six (!) point lead in the first overtime. The Tropics were without Adam Miller but did welcome back Chris Moore and Nino Mansour, who ultimately sent the game into overtime with a clutch free throw. To say he missed the first would not do it justice, but they won the game. Mansour had 17 and three Tropics had 20 or more. Lorenzo Prats had 23 with Brandon Long and Absalom Barnes contributing 21.

Player of the Game: Lorenzo Prats
Looking better and healthier each week, Prats was simply on fire. En route to his 23, he shot 8-of-11 and was 7-of-10 from beyond the arc.

8:30: Easy Money 135 (2-1), Bucket Squad 78 (0-3)
So what had happened wasBenny Valentine had 27 assists.
Player of the Game: B.J. Valentine
Dude had 27 assists. Drew Hogan and Kreston Martin scored 40 and 38 respectively. I really have nothing more to say about this game. Actually, Steve Platt had 32 in defeat. Now i’m done.

8:30: The Sizzle 71 (1-2), The Soldiers 68 (2-1)
The Sizzle got their first win of many expected this Fall. They entered the season as a team on the rise and certainly a team to watch. It hasn’t come to fruition yet but they pulled off a big win against a very good team this week. The Soldiers are playing with fire at 2-1. They have the worst team chemistry in the league from my sideline view and won’t beat any good teams in the Playoffs with the current status quo.

Player of the Game: Antonio Blackmon
This game started and ended with Antonio Blackmon on the free throw line. Paul Starr was in the wrong jersey so The Sizzle shot two technical free throws. Blackmon missed both. He did recover quickly and end up making 5-of-7 three’s to score 24 points. He also made five straight free throws after missing the two technical shots. His last three would win the game after a controversial shooting foul call at midcourt.