7:30: The Soldiers (1-0) vs. Contract Killers (1-0)
The Soldiers routed Bucket Squad last week as expected. The Contract Killers defeated The Sizzle in a game of high intrigue. A 2-0 start would send the league a clear message.
Player to Watch: Brett Williams/Paul Starr
The point guard matchup in this could feature the two best players in the contest. Whoever wins this battle could dictate the outcome of the game.

7:30: The Sizzle (0-1) vs. Giv3 N’ Go (1-0)
The Sizzle seem to add a piece or two every season, but the results have yet to come in. Giv3 N’ Go has also added some new talent to their roster and are seeing immediate dividends.
Player to Watch: Martin Salinas
Salinas had 35 points and 11 --count ‘em, 11-- three pointers last week in the team’s victory. What can he do for an encore?

8:30: Easy Money (0-1) vs. Tropics (0-1)
Two teams were not used to seeing lose a season opener. Obviously someone has to lose again and 0-2 is by no means an insurmountable hole, but it’s not one any team wants to be in. Easy Money was without two of their best players last week and were demolished by the champions on Getting Older in an unsatisfying instant rematch of the Summer final.
Player to Watch: Benny Valentine Kevin Green
Assuming both make their return and season debuts, it will show the kind of team Easy Money will be after finishing in second about a month ago.

8:30: Bucket Squad (0-1) vs. Getting Older (1-0)
This will be one of the few nights Getting Older plays on the far court.
Player to Watch: Brian Gahan
Gahan had a game of nine three-pointers last year. If there’s a game to get ten, is this it?