Getting Older (Summer: 10-2)

The Summer (and Spring) champions return looking to three-peat. Despite capturing the title by the narrowest of margins, they enter the Fall season as favorites to win it all.


Player to Watch: Kemar Burrows

Burrows is one of Getting Older’s newer players and has quickly established himself as a reliable guard on the team. Aside from Kenneth Cage, the team lacked someone in the backcourt to distribute and Burrows is that guy. Burrows is also a great shooter and slasher and gives GOB another offensive dimension as well as being a lockdown defensive player.


Easy Money (Summer: 10-1)

You can’t get much closer to the hardware than Easy Money got. Some reinforcements have come as well from the Torch, notably the sweet left-handed shooting of Kreston Martin. Martin adds another dimension to a team built to win it all.


Player to Watch: BJ Valentine

Valentine is the heart and soul of this team. He’s the point guard, the leader, the distributor and is also one of the league’s best scorers. He brings it all to the table, including an edge and toughness unparalleled by his Ultimate Hoops counterparts. A lot of what dictates this team goes through the stocky, powerful point guard.


Contract Killers (Summer: 7-3)

The breakout team of Summer returns looking to one up their own selves in the Fall.


Player to Watch: Brett Williams

This team lives and dies by the three pointer (looking at you, Bill Ioannides) and Williams’ game is also predicated largely on the long ball. Williams is a plus defender and driver but this is a league won by the outside shot, not dissimilar to the NBA at all.


The Soldiers (Summer: 6-4)

There’s no way around what was a disappointing season for The Soldiers and they’ll look to reconfigure the war on basketball in the next two months.


Player to Watch: Paul Starr

He shoots…he scores. He shoots...we hold our breath. Starr is the engine for this team and single-handedly willed them to a near upset in the Summer Playoffs. What this team does and where it goes is, as always, led by Starr.


Giv3 N’ Go (Summer: 5-4)

We introduce you to the bonafide sleeper pick. Personally, I’m really excited to see what this team can do. But this isn’t about me.


Player to Watch: Alex Baird

The former walk-on at Texas A&M has joined an already impressive group of players. What he can bring to the table for the team and hence the Plano league will dictate the damage that this team can do this Fall.


Tropics (Summer: 5-4)

Along with the soldiers, there’s no way around the underperformance of a Summer season with an easy money (no pun intended) pick to improve this Fall.


Player to Watch: Adam Moore

For the sake of a comparison in roles, Moore is similar to Starr with The Soldiers in that he is the driving force of this team. Moore is one of the top all-around players in the league, not just doing everything on both sides of the ball, but doing it at an elite level.


The Sizzle (Summer: 3-6)

Free Agency Alert! The Sizzle made a big move in free agency in signing former Soldier Johntel Franklin to a 6-year/$100 million dollar deal. Most of that sentence is made up, but Franklin is indeed listed on The Sizzle roster.


Player to Watch: Johntel Franklin

I mean, this is a big acquisition. Franklin could take on the sizable role with his new team that he always showed huge potential with. He’s a swiss army man on the floor and could elevate this team to a new level.


Bucket Squad (Summer: 1-7)

Bucket Squad look to be more of a player this Fall.


Player to Watch: Steve Platt

Platt is a newcomer to the Squad and will be afforded a large role on offense. Let’s see what he can do with it.