Photo Credit: Zachary Lucy

Cody Bellinger is one cool dude. He has a commanding presence at 6 foot 4 and 210 pounds. He’s got the hair, the Bieber-esque army of fans and a propensity to call you “man.” He’s a dude, a big one. He’s also ranked in the top 100 prospects in all of baseball by MLB.Com. Coming in at 95th, he’s the top-ranked position player in the Dodgers organization behind a quadruplet of promising pitchers (Urias, De Leon, Holmes, Montas).

Drafted 124th overall in the 4th round of the 2014 Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bellinger is known for his power bat, but he runs exceptionally well for his big frame.

As is commonplace with top prospects, the Dodgers have moved the agile Bellinger to the outfield in addition to his customary position of first base to expand his versatility and perhaps fast track his advancement (see below).

Now occasionally starting in all three outfield positions and with his profiled bat coming around at the Double-A level, there are a lot of heads turning to watch the still just 20-year-old Cody Bellinger.


Photo Credit: Steven Van Worth

After a slow start (.175, 16 K through 18 games), how have you been able to get back on track (.375, 4 HR since)? 

I think it’s just playing everyday, coming off an injury. Being young in this league it’s tough; it’s a tough league to hit in so I wasn’t expecting to come out of the gate hot. I just stayed with my approach and knew it would pay off eventually.

On the Spring Training experience this year…

It was awesome, man. It was cool being in that clubhouse, seeing how they go about their business and the guys were great to me. It was a great experience.

And being close to home (the Dodgers’ Spring Training complex is located in Glendale, Arizona; Bellinger is from Scottsdale)…

Yeah, that’s always fun. My parents and family and friends can come out and watch me. That’s always a good time.

On mentors Ryan Garko (former Major League 1B) and Lars Anderson (2008 #40 MLB Prospect)…

I kind of got lucky with those two. They’ll come to me even if I don’t ask them questions and give me advice. They’ve been great to me and they’re good guys to learn from on and off the field.

What about the #CodyLove Twitter hashtag? 

*laughs* I don’t really know how it started, really. I went up (to Spring Training) and (Dodgers’ Manager) Dave Roberts asked how my Twitter was for some reason and Joc (Pederson) andJustin (Turner) started the #CodyLove and it kind of took off from there.

First Base or Outfield?

My preference is first but I do enjoy outfield a lot. Whatever helps me get to the big leagues the fastest, that’s the main goal so I’m all for it.