Inspired by second baseman Rougned Odor‘s “Right Hook Heard Around the World,” the Frisco RoughRiders, the Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, are unveiling a brand new beverage at Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

Called “Rougie’s Red Punch,” the drink celebrates one of the season’s most memorable moments in the best way possible. Let us not forget this almost exactly seven months prior in the American League Division Series. The RoughRiders are as familiar as any organization with quirky promotions. After all, the club will have a lazy river in their park in a few weeks.

Owner Chuck Greenberg and General Manager Jason Dambach have filled their schedule with promotions in the season and some they’ve been in charge of the RoughRiders. Sometimes they do it on the fly.

Frisco RoughRiders

Frisco RoughRiders


For example, earlier this season the team put on a “Runner Up Night” in honor of Steve Harvey’s now infamous gaffe at the Miss Universe Pageant. The mistake that went way viral occurred on December 20th of last year, and the Riders announced the promotion (for April) the following day.

The Odor-Bautista happened last Sunday the 15th. By Tuesday the new promotion was announced.

“Odor is a feisty, energetic player, and we have come up the perfect drink to honor him,” said RoughRiders Dambach. “Rougie’s Red Punch will punch you in the mouth with great flavor and an intense energy burst.

The drink itself is described as an ‘alcoholic energy drink.’ So we’re betting it does pack quite the wallop. It will (predictably) be only available to consumers 21 or older.


Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images


Rougie’s Red Punch will be served out of a punch bowl and sold in custom 12-oz. souvenir cups (pictured above), a tribute to Odor’s jersey number 12. The drink costs $5.15, honoring the date of Odor’s punch into baseball brawl lore.

But wait, there’s more!

Taking advantage of the publicity the punch has garnered, particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex,a new local BBQ restaurant will sell shirts and has also granted Roogie free food for life. Travis Heim, owner of Heim Barbecue said he originally printed 40 shirts. “I think now we’re up to close to 200.”

Where you stand on the fight is up to you, but the fallout from it has been completely up to the people, and the people want commemorative cups.