I’d like to ask ‘where the time went?’ but this season has partly felt like a triathlon in slow motion. Regardless of the massive headache this season has been, the prospect of no more Mavericks basketball on the horizon is not one I’m ready for.


After losing without the services of Dirk Nowitzki (rest), Devin Harris (new child) and Deron Williams (abdominal strain) on top of Chandler Parsons who we know is out for the year with a torn meniscus, the Mavs head to Sacramento on Sunday afternoon for the first in potentially season deciding back-to-back.


With the Kings today and Denver tomorrow, neither opponent is one to fear all too much, but nowadays the Mavericks should cautiously fear everyone as well as time, because it is running out.


For the first time all season, the Dallas Mavericks are out of the NBA Playoff picture. After losing to the Warriors Friday night with their (Charlie) “V Squad,” the Mavs are two games under .500 and on the outside looking in. Both of those are firsts in 2015-2016.


Utah won in Minnesota last night and the Rockets won impressively at home against Toronto the night prior, Dallas sits all alone at 9th. Eight teams make the Playoffs per conference. Knowledge is power.


It’s a terrifying reality but one that has been mostly expected from fans and media alike with the Mavs losing 9 of 11 and tallying only three wins in the month of March. It’s been ugly, it’s been depressing but scariest of all it’s been 100% completely real.


And it’s happened with 37-year old Dirk Nowitzki averaging 24.5 points and 7 rebounds in March. Re-read that, it’s absolutely incredible. Also devastating. But also incredible. Let’s cling to that. No matter the age or state of the team we can always rely on the Big German to deliver.


The dreaded stretch against above .500 teams over, Dallas ended up going 2-7 in those games, ironically winning 2/3 of their March games in that stretch (the other coming on the first of March vs. Orlando).


With the Kings and Nuggets today and tomorrow and the team’s second leading scorer Deron Williams missing at least these two games, these are more losable games than winnable games, something we are just not used to:

  • at this point of the season
  • against these kind of teams


Alas, here we are. The final 10 games of the season and the frightening potential of missing the Postseason for just the third time in the Dirk Nowitzki era (2000, 2012 cause i’m not counting Dirk’s first two years).


It’s literally time to win or go home, and despite it all the Mavericks control their own destiny with remaining matchups against the Rockets and the Jazz, but controlling your own destiny really only means a whole lot if you’re good enough to make it worth your while.


Countdown is at 10, here we go…


The Mavericks visit the Kings at 5 PM CST.