The Legends organization is unwavering in its community efforts. No matter what happens on the basketball side of things, you can count on a local presence from the Legends.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Legends coach Bob MacKinnon is leading an effort to raise money and awareness for the “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign of Collin County.

“The American Cancer Society contacted our office and asked if we wanted to be involved and we immediately said yes,” MacKinnon said. “The Legends are all about being a part of the community and this was a great way to help, to hopefully defeat a disease that has affected so many of us.”

13 different men in Collin County are raising money for the American Cancer Society this month. MacKinnon is no stranger to the disease and did not hesitate to get involved.

“Cancer has affected so many people in this country, breast cancer specifically has touched some people in my life, so it was automatic.”

During the month of October, you can visit the American Cancer Society website (here), click on the recognizable face of MacKinnon and donate. Each of the 13 organizers are aiming for $2,500 for the month and $30,000 total.

As of Sunday, October 21, Coach Mac is just shy of $1,500 and the group effort is a little over $5,000 away from their monthly goal.

At the Legends G League Draft watch party Saturday, the entire coaching staff wore pink shirts to support their head coach’s goal. Team events throughout the month, public and private, will contain more pink.

“We’re actually going to wear it at every practice at training camp through October. Anything to raise awareness.

“This is just one little thing that we can do to, hopefully people notice and ask why we’re in pink. Not only raising funds, but raising awareness and what people can do with early detection. It’s very key to get early detection in any cancer, and obviously with breast cancer, and we’d like to make sure people are aware of the steps they can take.”

Once again, you can donate here: