Being a professional athlete or coach is a dream we all dream. Members of the Texas Legends have spent a lot of time and hard work to make it a reality. They live larger than life but during this, the most wonderful time of the year, everybody is pulled together by a common thread. It’s the holidays.

The commitment to the craft is an all year affair. Basketball season doesn’t stop for the holidays. In fact, it’s embraced the point in the calendar to showcase their best teams. The NBA has an annual five game slate on Christmas Day and if I may say so, it’s one of my very favorite days of the year.

The D-League will not have five games on the 25th but will put the Northern Arizona Suns and Sioux Falls Skyforce on the big stage. No team will play on Christmas Eve.

Our Legends have a generous holiday schedule. They will play on the 22nd and then will be off until the 28th. This means that the players and staff will get to be home for the holidays! Free to spend time with their families, which is a unanimous theme among team personnel.

“The holidays are a time to spend with the ones that you love,” says Legends guard/forward C.J. Williams.

Quincy Acy echoes the sentiment. “It's a time to celebrate and a time to spend with family and give thanks, love and joy.”

Jameel Warney agrees and says it’s a great time to look back on the many months that came before. “Just putting in reflection, how much your family means to you and being grateful for the holidays.”

Assistant Coach George Galanopoulos’ words ring true about the blissful magic that comes around every year in the wintery month of December.

“The holidays for me are a great time to reflect on how truly fortunate and blessed I am to have my family, friends and health,” says the Chicago native. “Especially as I get older and don't get to see and spend as much time with friends and family, I try to really appreciate the moments that I do during the holidays.”

Kyle Collinsworth speaks highly of helping others during the festive season. “It's a great time to find people in need and give back. I have been blessed with great health and a great family. It's great time to focus on individuals and families who are in need and give back!

The message of family comes full circle. “It's also all about family and spending time with the ones you love!”

From the Legends, Happy Holidays!